Why Do Extremely Smart People Come Off As Utterly Stupid?

I can’t speak for all people so I’ll only go on to present my opinions based on personal experiences here. It’s really hard to define ‘smart’. There’s a fixed threshold in the IQ spectrum to be called a ‘genius’ but that alone does not guarantee you are ‘smart’. Smart is a convolution between a high IQ, a distinctive personality and other traits that put that person above the average crowd. Someone genetically predisposed with a high IQ would need suitable traits to make the most of their brain power.

It would be unfair to expect everyone to be smart, but victimizing smart people due to a difference of opinion is certainly unacceptable.

So how do such people come off as stupid when they’re capable of game-changing ideas that could potentially start a revolution? Or perhaps save humanity? If you are asking this question or a question of sorts – you’re not alone. It infuriates me to see smart people being downright ignored, cast aside and being victimized. An opinion from a well-informed mind doesn’t stand a chance with one of the socially expressive regardless. I understand there are societies and institutions for such people where they have better prospects of being heard above the crowd but they only make up a fraction of all people. A fraction! The average person who you run into – your college admissions staff, professors, neighbors, job interviewers don’t constitute that elite crowd of people. It would be unfair to expect everyone to be smart, but victimizing smart people due to a difference of opinion is certainly unacceptable.

We tackle this by changing the ideal standard of the ‘smart’ person but that’s no easy undertaking.

How do we solve this? Teach people about the importance of ideas and embracing them no matter how radical they are. Redefine the ‘smart’ person with something more down to earth. This is no one man’s job for sure. The media for one plays a big role. The generalizations of the ideal set by society have a potency to influence the average mind’s definition of ‘smart.’ They go on to associate such traits with those of ‘smart’ people. Young boys and girls at the tender age of not having their own belief system are forced to develop one that revolves around such lousy ideas. They grow up to think the man who is loud and dominating as the ‘smart’, or the woman who can handle a gun and throw grenades as the strong one. In reality, we might see something more like an introverted and soft-spoken man as smart, or the woman who can stand her ground as the strong.

To answer my main question, or to summarize: Extremely smart people come off as utterly stupid simply because they possess traits that contradict with the widely accepted definition of ‘smart’. There is a fine line (in the eyes of society) between being average and extremely smart that they see ‘smart’, and quantifying that would be something like 10-20 IQ points above average with a personality that isn’t too scarce among the population.

I’ve quoted (‘ … ‘) most instances of the word smart because I disagree with the socially accepted definition of it. It’s simply misleading and to end it, utter garbage.


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