I don’t know what this is going to be about, really!

It’s Sunday funday and people living in a timezone 5:30 ahead of GMT are either crying about having to be up early for job/school or letting it all go at one of the city’s many bars. I’m one of the latter people, because I’m on summer break back home.

I’m here at a bar I’ve never been before enjoying a Syrah which was served unusually cold. But I’ve done whining over it, well I did leave some damage on Instagram in the form of a rant. I don’t know if you are a friend of mine or another stranger but if you don’t know this, know that I let off steam by taking to Facebook to rant. My rants are almost always logical, hitting people who have fuc*ed up real good where it hurts – their egos, morals and values or tradition/practices. It’s not always a direct attack, sometimes subtlety pointing out their downfalls without (trying my best not to) offend said person in the process. My first tangent concludes here.

Now let’s talk people. People are what we call the collective man (hey, don’t you think that’s a little sexist – using man than something more generic?) What makes people who they are? How did we evolve cultures sometimes radically different than ones we see from our fellow neighboring countries/ethnicities? I’ll try and answer this question from my intuition into this construct of people their culture.

Woopsies… my beer is here. Gtg.


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