So I was checking out my Instagram and ran into a post that said,

Fail seven times, rise the eighth

It’s funny that we’ve to fall seven times, it really is meant to be interpreted by people in their own ways. You don’t necessarily have to fall seven out of eight times, I mean because that would be silly, and maybe hysterical. Another one,

if you don’t sacrifice for what you want, what you want becomes the sacrifice

I’m sorry man, but I ain’t sacrificing nothing (pardon the southern dialect).

I particularily hate when people bring up refererences to such, it’s stupid and be warned if you do the same, I’m judging you. It serves as motivation to push the boundaries further apart of what a person can do, and I wholeheartedly agree! We all could use a little motivation – like a pat on the back, or a warm hug (or cup of coffee) but bringing up references to quotes that completely rewrite the whole definition of success in a different light is a little misguided if you ask me.

It’s kind of how ‘fake news’ comes to rise. There no such thing as news being innately fake, it’s what journalists do and how people interpret and pass them that adds and even amplifies the inconsistencies. I’ve seen some news networks stay in business doing this, it’s appaling. As journalists, you have to always report the facts to the very best of your understanding without imparting biases. It’s usually acceptable to have minor disagreements during talks and analysis with the news. But building upon from a disagreement and then analyzing it only amplifies this initial inconsistency. Anything you get beyond this point is fake news. While such practices help their network resonate well with people who share their views in politics, it certainly is in violation of the very code of conduct of being in the business of telling news.

Jumping back to misguiding quotes, I feel like they don’t accurately (or sometimes even partially) reflect on what success should mean to most people. If you have been told success is emulating the personalities of celebs and businessmen or making a lot of money or being married and financially stable by your mid-twenties, I must call bullcrap on that. Success is different for everyone, you cannot define it let alone perpetuate this falsified idealogy you hold. Success is really what you need to make you happy, it is what you have to do to be happy doing what’ll get you there. You won’t become truly successful holding grudges over something you’ve to do to get somewhere you think would make you happy. Success is in the journey itself, it is what you are continually doing day in and out.

Success is not going to Harvard or MIT, success is going to Arizona State and being able to work on your personal growth. Success doesn’t come forced, it comes naturally with time as you continually seek to make the best of yourself in your finite time on this planet.

After all, what’s the point of being put on this beautiful planet if we are constantly driven by some distant reality that may or may not happen, no matter how much we desire it. Cut some slack, lean back and look around this wonderful journey you are taking that is life.

I hope this finds you well, no matter where in the world you are or what you see yourself becoming in the many years ahead. Stay strong!


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