Why I Chose To Be A Narcissist And You Should Too

There have been many bad connotations to narcissism and I wish to give new meaning to it – as a way of life, a way of functioning in society without legal consequences. I define narcissism as the trait that makes one care for oneself and put the priorities of theirs or whatever they chose to associate with first regardless of the moral dictates of society or religion. It so much easier to function this way as I will explain later – and with this you are insured against heartbreak, betrayal and other emotional trauma of such. Narcissism is a fundamental trait of LaVeyan Satanists – practitioners of Satanism as made popular by Anton LaVey. The core philosophy of LaVeyanism, which falls under a broader category of rational Satanism, preaches self-preservation. This is a philosophy where you are asked to indulge in what you see required for your emotional and physical gratification with no regard for others or society inside the confines of law.

The whole premise for high-functioning narcissism is to fulfill your Freudian ego alternatively through a favorable build-up of your symbolic selves. While the average theist or social being earns ego from social acts of heroism through philanthropic attitudes and acts, the narcissist works independently with his enlightened selves to earn gratification. Ernest Becker’s Pulitzer Prize winning The Denial of Death discusses the psychological mechanisms that lead to a fulfilled death. Despite sounding so controversial, it does make sense when approached with good old Freudian theory. In order to be able to fulfill our egos effectively, we must take back and reign control over our symbolic selves and not let God or society dictate our ultimate redemption. Therefore, a fundamental rework of the superego is required – and this is where one is required to adopt a new moral philosophy. High-functioning narcissism allows healthy functioning in a society that traditionally doesn’t cater to individuals with such superegos.

Don’t carry the load that will eventually destroy you!

The interaction between the anthropological construct that we call society – which actually manifests as physical entities – and human is one that is purely reciprocal that relies on a give-and-take policy. It is the result of what you do and what others do to you in return that gives rise to a balance. But the sad thing about this metaphorical balance is its tendency to be uncertain and sometimes downright cruel – in other words, it does not work fairly and just to the liking of yours despite your good intentions. You often don’t realize but the truth of the matter is that you do good in return for good, that’s simply the way it is and no one can be innately good without being subjected to good – because it is in the fundamental nature of humans and animals to not be good, animals are jerks to each other – that’s simply how they get their way in their unstructured world.

So why have we humans deviated from the norm and devised this good? I can safely tell you that it is far from that and all but an illusion. The good that we perceive externally is really a give-and-take transaction – and it doesn’t necessarily have to be limited to two parties – but any number of parties. The transaction can often go pending, rudely declined, or incomplete by the bearing party. These violated transactions can cause emotional or even physical distress and as a narcissist, we realize that and aim to keep ourselves from not getting trapped in this virtuous cycle of giving and getting good – because it simply is not in its nature to be reliable and just.

Narcissism is insurance against a sudden bout of emotional distress. Narcissism greatly increases productivity and gets you faster to your destination. Lose your liberal tendencies and fall back on good old statistics and mathematical models. It is a well-known fact that men are more academically inclined that women – who tend to be more social. With that known, a more conservative person should approach any woman who approaches him claiming to know something with a good deal of skepticism – unless she can prove her intellectual faculties to you convincingly. It is a lot easier and time-saving this way, trust me. I have make the mistake of being nice and liberal to everyone from all walks of life and it has got me nowhere fast. Stereotypes are statistical correlations, not prejudice! There will be outliers every now and then but it is safe to assume the stereotype for the usual encounters and save yourself the trouble of painstakingly conversing with a near-retarded person or trying to prove them you’re correct or whatever it is you’re trying to say.

Basing on statistics also helps in saving yourself from embarrassment or humiliation or worse, trouble. If it is well established from past encounters that a certain people only behave or understand things their way – it makes no reasonable sense on your part to go out of your way to talk sense into them. Don’t explain what you are doing or what is it you’re trying to do to undeserving people. You may approach a white neighborhood without a pepper-spray, but you are most likely to get jumped on in West side Chicago, even with a Red Line just a few hundred feet away. Statistics is a narcissist’s best friend.

When you don’t care for somebody’s physical or emotional well-being, you don’t care for their opinions or insulting remarks on you. Insults will fly-by without affecting you in any emotional way possible and the opinions of others don’t make you feel belittled or small. Your self-worth, self-esteem are unfazed by what people have to do or say to you. The solution is simply not to care, not to give good to anybody without reason in order to be in a place where you don’t need to expect anything in return. In other words, you are now fully self-reliant and a functioning member of society and most importantly, a narcissist.

Basic psychology would dictate that one’s sense of self-worth and esteem would be the result of what the environment and people inflicted on the person. Someone raised in an household where they gave him nothing but encouragement and reinforcing feedback to etch a strong sense of self-worth into his mind would grow up resilient to external factors that can potentially destabilize these mental constructs of worth and esteem. If this individual at some point developed a toxic sense of entitlement, a sense of worth that he defines for himself no matter how wrong it may be, it will still help with his confidence and future success – as narcissists, we aim to create for ourselves this sense of entitlement to get through our everyday tasks with full-fledged confidence without others telling us what we should be capable of.

With confidence, the bulk of your causes of emotional distress automatically fades away. Confidence is what inhibits your questions and doubts about yourself. You encounter a stranger with an attitude, you give back more attitude without questioning the righteousness of your actions. Some girl calls you a creep, you tell her that you wouldn’t peek into her shower for a million dollars. Someone threatens you, you call the police on them without forgiveness. Don’t carry the load that will eventually destroy you! In narcissistic people, confidence is correlated with ego.

Now you might ask how religious people pull off confidence and being nice so flawlessly. To answer that you must understand the dynamics of these transactions we discussed earlier – a religious person does good and is betrayed seeks help from God, moving that hate and need for vengeance to an external, imaginary entity. By doing this, they successfully make themselves feel renewed again without people taking a toll on their emotion well-being. But this method has its pitfalls despite sounding so ridiculously redundant, the act of carrying ones woes through the day and giving them up to an outside entity later that day will not only ease you temporarily, but render you incapable of resolution. Your woes will keep showing up day after day and you will keep reaching out to your God without reaching an impasse – and this will get you nowhere successful in life. At this point, you cease to progress and begin to merely exist coping with your Earthly troubles. Animals exist, humans – we progress.

Postscript: The core doctrines of LaVeyanism coincide to an extent with Nietzsche’s outlook on morals. They both seem to acknowledge how the moral codes devised by man, purported to have come from God, are meant to repress the human will to power. They preach disobedience of these externally-imposed moral codes in place of following naturally-predisposed human imperatives to greatness and happiness. They both preach autonomy from society and individualism, which follow from narcissism.


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