Name: Shreyas R

Religious views: Agnosticism, Charvakism, Rational Satanism (LaVeyan)

My religious beliefs are mainly deduced from my more abstract philosophical outlook on thought and reason. My theological position of agnosticism derives from and follows in-line with the central doctrine of ‘what is methodologically provable should only be believed’ imposed by rationalism.

Charvakism is an age-old non-Vedic school belonging to Hinduism, popularily described as the Charvaka System in the collected works of Sarva Darsana Samgraha written originally in Sanskrit by Madhava. It emphasizes a theological view of contemporary existentialism combined with Neitzchic nihilism, while equally supplementing agnosticism and existentialist morality as in karma – ‘what goes around, comes around’, effectively countering divine retribution for good – namely the resurrection mythology of the Abrahamic faith(s) and reincarnation of Vedic Hinduism.

I just follow LaVeyanism because it pisses people off. Because unlike most people, I like to keep my imaginary friends grounded in Earth (and in reality.) It only embraces ritualistic worship under the context of psychodrama, which is again only useful as a placebo.

Political views: Left-winged Libertarian (although fiscally right-winged)

Proponent of the free-market but not Western consumerism. A lot of people have attached negative connotations to the ideas of free-market as being innately consumeristic – when it is not in the pure sense. One must not predicate their entire reward system (and existential will) around the consumption of goods and services. Consumerism is not sustainable, look no further than Europe and Asia to get a hand on what a sustainable lifestyle brings – both in terms of quality of life and assurance for the next generation of humans destined to walk in our footsteps.

Philosophical views: Rational in thought, Perennial in education, Existential and Stoic in life

It might be hard to assert free will without getting into the depths of metaphysics (and quantum mechanics in modern day), but it is fair to say free will is affected by the political system at the pragmatic level. Every ‘escape to freedom‘ is only dialectical. This thought process then proves to be the illusion of freedom that people seem to want when forced into dialectical thought by their oppressive political system. Due to the nature of such argumentation, dialectical methods have prompted some people to call it the “corruption of deductive reasoning.” The only way to live freely is to break out of the deductive loop of dialectical thought absolving the ability of others to manipulate you and effectively fabricate your reality.

While I feel strongly about rationalist viewpoints, I completely negate the other-half that is dogmatic rationalism or just plain old dogmatism – where the methods of rationalism are applied more narrowly and sometimes in mythology to construct elaborate subjective theories. Dogmatism in thought and reason obfuscates the utility of rationalism. The premises should always be confounded to some degree in observable or logically-derivable fact.

However, I proponent a more contemporary version of German idealism – the Kantian transcendentalist view of wisdom. In more modern methods of research and technology, certain predispositions like moreality and our evolutionary conditioning are thought to be prioris that transcede beyond our conscious ability to acquire and store language. Unlike the more strictly dogmatic forms of rational thought, the transcedetal doctrine establishes a episteomolgicaly-sound method . It should be noted that the transcedental doctrine stay in subscription to does not encompass the Eastern school. I also proponen

One must learn only the core and abstract concepts with with the facts can and must be derived. Facts are not absolute truths, but the underlying concepts are – and can capably challenge the “facts” that are built upon it. This is educational perennialism.

Your proof of existence is contained within your very existence, just like how the existence of God is contained inside our belief in a supernatural entity. As tautological as it may seem, the existence of any entity is conditional to the metaphysical framework containing its existence. A particle in our universe may not exist in another hypothetical one. Sorry Descartes, but self-awareness is not necessary proof of existence.

Your finite time in this planet must be spent indulging sustainably in worldly pleasures. There will be no divine retribution to compensate you for your relentless sacrifices. Religion is a concept devised by its fundamentalists to exert control over the masses through self-deceit. in line with my stance of exis, hedonism, … no to modern consumrt

Never pick sides – approach every subject, physical and metaphysical, with equanimity for this is the only path to transcendental wisdom. Develop a meditated state of mind that is actualized from within and not by what bothers and comforts the daily peasantry – this is the absolute virtue of a liberated mind. Abide to a system of ethos you perfect for yourself – behavior is self-cultivated.

Motive for writing here:

I began writing on this blog somewhere in mid-2016 with the intention of keeping an exclusive document of my not so technical writings from my other blog, All Things Science.

You will find all sorts of topics here. Here’s a screenshot of the most frequented tags on this blog as of January 2018:


If this doesn’t give you a clear picture of what’s contained in the box, I don’t know what will. I will let you draw up your own conclusions from the tags. Maybe I’m into people, maybe I hate them – context matters – and context you will learn only by reading my blog!

existentialist  depression  -> why should i continue to live in a world were some things (such as that o cant be made to fit tangibly inside our currently defines methods of research and understanding?