Hello there! Glad you could make it here. I am Shreyas, someone who probably doesn’t need an introduction by now, not that I am famous, but because you might as well check out my Gravatar profile – it mutually saves us time -or maybe I’m just so darn lazy to type. Anyways, it’s 3 AM and here I am updating my about page with something that will get my newest blog more attention and possibly (I said possibly), a like or two on my posts that would throw push notifications on my phone in the middle of the night, allowing me to receive that much-needed reward amidst my REM sleep before I snuggle back into my comforter into deep and satisfying, yet thoroughly refreshing NREM sleep. Ahhh…

Now that I realized the only useful piece of information contained in the paragraph above was my name and a hippy welcome, I deeply apologize.

Read on!