Islam: Jihad, The Brotherhood And Its Purpose

Some atrocities need to be revisited as long as they continue to exist and threaten us – such as our beloved Islam! Linda Sarsour, a famous name among the radical left, a fellow of the Jihad movement, had spoken in UC Berkeley about what she believes are hard topics of the day – addressing them through her own vigilante of justice. After what felt like a heartfelt call to action on white supremacy and prejudice against the Muslim community of America – she boldly incited Jihad in the name of Allah to fight the alt-right and the Trump administration. The brainwashed liberals of Berkeley played along – and also note these were the same people who blocked out Milo from their campus on grounds of ‘them being traumatized’. I don’t think you are a progressive if what you want is taking away the First Amendment – bringing an advanced political institution such as the United States down to its knees through enforcing your ideological agendas – such as Islamic countries – to further your cause without political resistance.

Islam lives for conquest, facilitated by a repressive theological system that exploits its own people for the superficial gain of Allah only to reward them under their paradigm

an aggressive agenda-driven movement can never peacefully coexist in secularity

I visited the protests at O’Hare right after the president brought into effect the Muslim ban because I had nothing better to do that evening, and there was this one chant that stood out, “this is what democracy looks like” being said in a slightly cringy, poetic tone. Well, if there’s one thing I could do by going back in time would be helping them see their own hypocrisy.

I wish there was a better word to describe this, oh hey, cowardice!

This threat to democracy is not new, and we’ve been seeing it for long enough in socialist Europe. Several European countries have been letting in immigrants – not the culturally forward ones – but Muslims – and that’s where their woes began. I read this somewhere but I’m unable to trace it back to its author,

diversity is not our strength if there is no common cause

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Unique ≠ (necessarily) Better

Now this is one of the social idiosyncrasies that often get away without being challenged. How many times, just how many times have we been inspired by the false notion that unique is better? We often see Hollywood, and people in general tell us being unique or having a unique identity or unique attributes to your personality often gets you somewhere special nobody else typically dare wanders into. Does this all even make sense or ring any bells of misguided societal perceptions?

hasty generalizations and our infatuation to novelty can make unique seem like an improvement on the current

I have seen many a times in the news and media how some uniqueness in an invention or candidate or development of a story can often be associated with some much-awaited breakthrough or exciting feature or achievement. I am not challenging here that all things unique and out of the regular is always up to no good, but instead that all things unique are not necessarily up to good. The media for some weird reason or the other seems to be pretty darn good at doing this, glorifying uniqueness. Some high school kid makes a project that stands out from the rest and is instantly applauded – with little to no thought of the actual scientific validity of the project or the research that went behind prior to its manifestation on public fronts.

Again, I am not saying good projects or inventions don’t deserve the recognition they deserve, no not at all. I just would like to see a little more thought spared to something – project, invention or what not before people blatantly promote it for others to see and recognize. Do you remember that one time a high school boy apparently invented a clock? (per media reports, not my words) And the jacked-up-on-several-rounds-of-Jägerbombs media would go out of their way to surface a buzz among the gullible folk – the kind of people that will easily buy into anything you tell them without checking or challenging the credibility of your sources.

the more people informed of rumor, the more potential transmitters and therefore potential for a higher rate of transmission

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Fifth Tangent

We are supposed to be talking logic this time. More specifically, I’d like to talk logic and people – how they use and understand logic.

While most people aren’t necessarily logical, they seem to have a decent grasp of what is logic. You and I are capable of everyday reasoning. But we find ourselves making decisions seeing past conventional logic – and it really has more to do with human psychology. Sometimes, nasty people exploit this loophole to win an argument, make a point, or even manipulate us like some theatrical puppet.

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